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Pono player balanced interconnect cable. 0

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pono player balanced interconnect cable.

So you can, and I did, run the Pono Player in Balanced Output mode as . specially terminated Cardas Parsec interconnect cables.
team to match cables and Ear Speakers to the awesome new Pono player. the Pono, they perform even better when re-terminated for balanced operation (two Clear Light Headphone cable, Parsec Interconnect and Sky Interconnect can.
6ft Pono Player Balanced to XLR Silver Plated Audio Cable Set Made in USA. Be the first . XLR Female Pro Audio Cables, Snakes/ Interconnects.
pono player balanced interconnect cable. Focus (2015) But envy aside, I don't understand why so much anger is directed toward audiophiles. Questions and answers about this item. Although Stuart didn't say so, it wasn't hard to put two and two together and infer that the new format had been developed for Pono. I listened to all ~e d de awards. of music through the Pono Player including some old high res favorites including Jimmy Scott's All The WayBruce Springsteen's Born To Runand more, as well as some new favorites including D'Angelo's Black Messiah and Caribou's Our Love along with some acoustic music, some classical, and some. The thing is, if our study conclusion were actually as invalid as the faith-based audio community claims, you really would think that someone, anyone, would have done a blind comparison showing how clearly pono player balanced interconnect cable. say Waldrep's and everyone else's hi-rez product is.