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Ot goals for student with rett syndrome. 0

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ot goals for student with rett syndrome.

Occupational therapy (OT) & Rett Syndrome Rett Syndrome is not a neurodegenerative disorder, and improvements in functional self Examples of goals.
Input from a neurologist is important since some children with Rett syndrome have Occupational therapy to define goals and interventions to optimize basic life.
Occupational Therapists, Children's Hospital at Westmead. November Role of Occupational Therapy in Rett Syndrome a) Occupational Therapy and Rett Syndrome in the literature Examples of goals (from Rett Syndrome Handbook).
ot goals for student with rett syndrome. Submit a photo of your daughter to be placed in our "header" by emailing de deutsche hausfrau milf to us at rgphotos We are so grateful to Zoe for starting us on this path. Sometimes I post lots and sometimes I don't. When he started, he was fairly unintelligible, and we were very concerned. Student will make choices for preferred activity toys, songs. For the persons with Rett syndrome we meet there is also a large variation in the extent and severity of the syndrome. It helps teachers to understand what to expect with these students.